We are excited to showcase the remarkable companies and individuals taking the stage at Slush’D Energy. The quality spread across three different stages is truly astounding. And the best part – this is just the beginning. 

Doors open at 11.00 am

Program starts at 12.00 pm

There will be sessions happening simultaneously on our three stages. Our largest stage hold the capacity og approximately 50% of our total attendees. Our stage program runs until 8 pm, but keep the evening. We will keep the event going until very, very late.

Speakers, schedule and topics are subjects to change.

  • 1. Energy Stage

  • 2. Founders Stage

  • 3. Builder Stage

  • Polestar is planning to deliver a completely emission-free car by 2030. Is that possible? They call it their own moon landing. Polestar's Project 0 aims to revolutionize the way cars are made. They must identify and eliminate every greenhouse gas emission associated with each stage of car production: From extraction of raw materials to production, delivery to the customer, and handling of waste when the car's lifetime is over. But how to deliver the best design and technology without compromising the planet?

  • Talk about nuclear energy

  • In their quest to speed up the transition to sustainable energy, Sunday Power provides rooftop solar PV plants to commercial property owners at no cost. This is the tale of how they established a tech driven energy company amidst highly fluctuating power prices and interest rates.

  • Speed presentation of three startups in the Startuplab acsellerator program: These are Versiro, Soren Hydrogen and Norsjor.

  • Speed presentations of three start-ups from the incubator at Innoventus Sør. Look forward to hearing the pitches by Elstall, OceanEnvi, and Eldrift.

  • An engaging keynote session on branding and why it is relevant at every stage of building great business. A mix of theory, inspiring and relevant examples and practical steps to remember for building value with and for yourself, your company - and brand.

  • The supercomputer "Deep Thought" spent 7.5 million years finding the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything [1]. But what is really the ultimate question? And has it got something to do with the enormous energy saving potential in Norway, Europe, the world and perhaps even the universe? The Lindesnes Helsehus-project might provide useful insight! Skanska has been at the forefront of pioneering energy-efficient housing for years and is one of the founding partners in the Powerhouse collaboration, responsible for some of the most ambitious climate-friendly buildings globally. Now, the technology developed and implemented in the Powerhouse projects have been adapted and improved for implementation in Mandal and Lindesnes Helsehus. Bjørn Jenssen from Skanska will bring you up to date. [1] Douglas Adams (1979), The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy




Our main stage serves as a platform for showcasing cutting-edge technology, exploring opportunities across various value chains, presenting future visions, and examining the global landscape in pursuit of a more sustainable planet.



The Founder Stage highlights diverse entrepreneurial journeys, featuring both successful and unsuccessful attempts at scaling green startups in Norway. Designed to not make the same mistake twice and copy successes of others.



The Builder Stage is dedicated to providing you with the essential tools, networks, and programs needed to scale your company, bring your ideas to fruition, and actively participate in the crucial transition towards a more sustainable future.

Pre-book meetings before you arrive

To get the most value out of being present at Slush’D Energy, you should pre-book as many meetings as possible before your arrival. Two weeks before it starts, every attendee, investor, founder or speaker will register inn our app, Brella. From there you can see who is attending ask for 1 one 1 meetings. 

Stay for the afterparty

Let’s be honest. A LOT of business happens in the bar, in the lounge or in the toilet queue. Slush is a conference based in Finland – and it’s time to show that we Norwegians can party as well. This is the perfect place to meet new people, network and enjoy the Slush’D atmosphere throughout the night. 

And yes, we will set up shuttle buses to Kristiansand if you stay there for the night. 



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